Bowl with Lines Motif Creamer with Lines Motif Dessert Plate with Lines Motif
11.0x11.0x8.0 cm
Price: Rp 110,000.00
7.3x7.3x7.5 cm
Price: Rp 90,000.00
24.0x24.0x3.0 cm
Price: Rp 200,000.00
Dinner Plate with Lines Motif Medium Shadow Bowl Napkin Ring Holder
28.0x28.0x2.2 cm
Price: Rp 250,000.00
17.0x17.0x10.0 cm
Price: Rp 150,000.00
11.0x5.0x6.0 cm
Price: Rp 60,000.00
Rectangular Plate W/Lines Motif Rectangular Plate with Lines Motif Rectangular Plate with Lines Motif
34.5x14.5x2.0 cm
Price: Rp 230,000.00
21.0x11.5x2.0 cm
Price: Rp 140,000.00
20.0x8.5x2.0 cm
Price: Rp 90,000.00
Ribbed Flower Vase Sake Cup Salad Bowl with Lines Motif
29.0x29.0x31.0 cm
Price: Rp 950,000.00
6.0x6.0x5.0 cm
Price: Rp 70,000.00
24.0x24.0x8.0 cm
Price: Rp 200,000.00