Bamboo Cotton Bud Container Bamboo Soap Dish Bamboo Soap Dispenser
6.0x6.0x11.0 cm
Price: Rp 90,000.00
14.0x9.0x2.0 cm
Price: Rp 110,000.00
5.5x5.5x21.5 cm
Price: Rp 240,000.00
Bamboo Toothbrush Cup Frangipani Round Oil Burner Frangipani Soap Dish
7.0x7.0x12.5 cm
Price: Rp 100,000.00
10.0x10.0x13.0 cm
Price: Rp 250,000.00
12.5x12.5x1.5 cm
Price: Rp 80,000.00
Frangipani Square Oil Burner Frog Ashtray Full Pattern Frangipani Rectangular Candle Tray
8.0x8.0x10.0 cm
Price: Rp 150,000.00
10.0x10.0x10.0 cm
Price: Rp 180,000.00
25.0x8.5x2.0 cm
Price: Rp 170,000.00
Full Pattern Frangipani Single Candle Holder Mosquito Holder w/ Frog Motif Mosquito Holder with Frog Motif
9.0x9.0x2.0 cm
Price: Rp 90,000.00
16.5x16.5x15.0 cm
Price: Rp 390,000.00
15.0x15.0x10.0 cm
Price: Rp 310,000.00