With Chinese New Year just around the corner, we are starting 2018 with vibrant reds, striking golds and playful one of a kind Art pieces to welcome a prosperous year of the Brown Earth Dog!
Dulang Optic Tall Vase Optic Vase
37.0x33.0x20.0 cm
Price: Rp 630,000.00
12.5x12.5x24.5 cm
Price: Rp 270,000.00
15.0x15.0x14.0 cm
Price: Rp 220,000.00
Rectangular Plate W/Lines Motif Suka Tray Small Tea Cup
34.5x14.5x2.0 cm
Price: Rp 230,000.00
22.0x22.0x7.0 cm
Price: Rp 230,000.00
11.0x11.0x8.0 cm
Price: Rp 90,000.00
Tea Pot White Wine Glass
26.0x18.0x13.0 cm
Price: Rp 350,000.00
10.0x10.0x17.0 cm
Price: Rp 210,000.00