As the leading producer of fine, handcrafted ceramic ware in Indonesia, Jenggala keramik bali offers wholesale opportunities within its established design, manufacturing and retail repertoire.

The company has perfected its production of stoneware, porcelain ceramics and tabletop accessories in its 34-year history in Bali. With a library of over 2,700 designs and 200 glaze finishes Jenggala upholds its work with local and international designers to continually expand its product range. While stoneware represents the majority of Jenggala’s output, it also offers quality designs specialized for its porcelain selections.
The Balinese company primarily supplies to unique hotels and resorts around the globe, but with a minimum quantity order of 100 pieces, Jenggala keramik bali also serves both large and small retailers in Japan, South East Asia and the United States. Ideas for blending Jenggala’s handmade quality with your business’ brand or service are welcomed with enthusiasm.

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