Distinct and beautiful, Bali's charm undoubtedly catalyzed the birth of Jenggala Keramik in the mid 1970's. To many, the frangipani is a symbol of this islands unique appeal. Said to be the representation of procreation, it's association with being a symbol of the sun and the moon dates back to Mayan times; hence the flower is used for various types of ceremonies. In Miguel Covarubias' publication the Island of Bali he observes how 'A Balinese woman is seldom without frangipani flowers in her hair, and during festivals one sees a bewildered variety of head-dresses….little blossoms are carefully placed to emphasize the outline of the brow.
They are called trangana, meaning a 'constellation'…' This surreal image that has been placed upon the Frangipani is partially due to its simple configuration, subtle appearance and delightful fragrance. A perfect multi layered subject for artists and designers. Over many years, we have perfected our frangipani collection. One of the very firsts, it communicates Jenggala's constant curiosity, bond and creative relationship with our home.