Through inspiration and innovation, Jenggala introduces the new candle holder collection, Ilumi. Created by in-house designer, Fitorio Bowo Leksono, the candle holders take their inspiration from shadow puppets of Indonesian tradition. There are two motifs available in this collection: the horse shoe crab and traditional Indonesia Ramayana characters, Rama & Shinta. The horse shoe crab was chosen because of the crab's one life, one partner existence in nature which is known in Javanese tradition as a symbol of faithfulness of married couples. While the other selected symbols of Rama and Shinta are often main characters in shadow puppet performances in Indonesia.
Both motifs come to life in the each of the ceramic forms as the light of the candle creates their glowing image. The ball shape of this candle holder is the union of two different materials. The base, glazed in stone black, is made of stoneware, while the cover is made of a translucent material glazed in satin white. When lit, the candle creates a shadow image through the white dome. This effect brings the horse shoe crab couple to life with majestic movement through their glowing shadows in the dark. The style and unique details of this candle holder collection brings nuance and the element of pleasant surprise to your home.